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The Extinct Treasures Difference: Extinct Treasures’ quality of workmanship, the larger size of shark teeth and our low prices are what sets us apart from our competitors. Many of our shark’s teeth are “throw-outs” because of either their small size or because they are damaged. However, some of our competitors use these small or damaged teeth for their necklaces. We do not. We also provide free domestic shipping for all of our items. Nice!

shared_passionGreetings! We are Kenny and Heather DiRienzo and we design and hand craft our necklaces, replicas and customized Megalodon stands, and other jewelry created from fossil or authenticate shark teeth. All jewelry items are hand crafted in the U.S.A.  What we do does not endanger any living creatures, especially sharks. We respect and revere all living creatures and are interested in their past as well as their future. Sharks shed thousands and thousands of teeth naturally in the course of their long lives. As their teeth become discarded divers may gather them or they may be dispersed upon beaches. We used these gathered shark teeth to create our jewelry, just as other people do when collecting sea shells for jewelry or their sea shell collections. No harm comes to any living creature.

Divers around the world can also retrieve Megalodon teeth. The Megalodon is the largest prehistoric shark that ever livied and is the largest predatory marine creature in the history of the planet (What is a Megalodon?) We also sell collector’s grade Megalodon teeth approaching the “magical” 7 inch size. These teeth are collector’s items and we also create stands for these special items.

We hope that you find some items on our web site that are of interest to you. We welcome any questions that you may have.  We provide information under the Information tab about payments, returns and shipping.  If you need any further help please contact us

Free Domestic Shipping

For all of our items we offer FREE DOMESTIC SHIPPING if the items are shipped domestically to any of the 50 states, including Washington D.C.. For International Orders (orders out side the 50 states and Washington D.C.)  please read the Shipping information block below. We suggest that you also read our RETURN POLICY and PAYMENT INFORMATION pages.

Shipping and Ordering

For international ordering (ordering outside of the 50 states and Washington D.C.), we recommend that you send us an email before you order so we can provide exact shipping costs for your purchase. PLEASE VISIT OUR SHIPPING PAGE FOR MORE DETAILS.